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Throttled Adventures

Chappy and Cody

If you enjoy motorcycles, camping, motorcycle travel, exploring or just some good old off road riding this is the podcast for you. Cody and Chappy are older adults that have been riding motorcycles for many years and many miles, they will share their experiences both positive and negative with you. They have ridden and raced dirt bikes, traveled on bikes solo and 2-up, as well as alone and with other riders. Cody spends a lot of time camping off of his motorcycle, from the BDR’s to just going for a short adventure and overnight camp. If you are looking for some MotoCamping ideas Cody is your Man! Chappy has been on dirt bikes since he was about 8 years old and has had various street bikes over the last 40+ years (mostly sportbikes). Both Cody and Chappy have a love of motorcycles and traveling on them and want to share their love for the sport with anyone and everyone. Come join us in our continuing adventure and let us explore the subject together.